Paintings & Toons

What is art?  A painting, cartoon… origami?  

All of the above, depending on the viewer.

If you ever wanted to purchase a nice painting or cartoon for your wall but just wasn’t sure where to start, you may have come to the right place.  As for origami, no pieces for sale just yet.

Joe Art Studio on Long Island, NY features paintings and toons of Joe Maracic. Joe is a fine artist and cartoonist specializing in oil painting plus cartoon art. Some of Joe’s artwork can be viewed on this website or at his art studio.

Sam Darnold Toon
Sam Darnold Toon


Some of the artwork Joe creates:

Oil Paintings  •  Caricatures  •  Portraits  •  Cartoons  •  Sports Paintings  •  Seascapes  •  Landscapes  •  Drawings